Belgrade, busy is like a beehive

Belgrade is the capital of SerbiaPopulation: 1.23 MillionCurrency: Dinars (100 dinars = $1) Belgrade tram Belgrade. My second home now for almost 2 years. If you like a busy town, Belgrade is for you! With amazing cafes and restaurants, you will be sure to have a nice break, while exploring the city. Cafe's everywhere Belgrade … Continue reading Belgrade, busy is like a beehive

Holy Water at Kalemegdan, Belgrade

One day I decided to visit Kalemegdan Park in Belgrade. I have easy access to Belgrade's most important monument since I only live a few kilometers from it. It also contains the city's largest park. You can further find Ružica Church (Little Rose Church). This little church is famous for its holy water. Many claims … Continue reading Holy Water at Kalemegdan, Belgrade

My Visit to Mount Kurama, “Birthplace of Reiki”

It’s Tuesday the 6th of December 2011 and I am sitting in the car on my way to Kyoto and Mount Kurama, the birthplace of Reiki. I am kind of relieved because I have finished my workshop and last healing sessions and can now just be a tourist. Five days before, my daughter Naja and I … Continue reading My Visit to Mount Kurama, “Birthplace of Reiki”