My Visit to Mount Kurama, “Birthplace of Reiki”

It’s Tuesday the 6th of December 2011 and I am sitting in the car on my way to Kyoto and Mount Kurama, the birthplace of Reiki. I am kind of relieved because I have finished my workshop and last healing sessions and can now just be a tourist.

Five days before, my daughter Naja and I took the long journey from Denmark to Nagoya, the third largest city in Japan. I was going to teach a healing workshop there and perform some healing sessions. We were fortunate to stay with a very hospitable Japanese family: Yoshiko, Daijiro, Momiji and Seilan.

Momiji, Daijiro & Yoshiko

When we arrived in Kyoto City, we spent some time at the Sanjusangen-do temple with its 1,001 wooden statues, all made of Japanese cypress. Very impressive! Then we proceeded to Mount Kurama. We just sat in the car and enjoyed the scenery outside as we drove by.

About eight and a half kilometers from Mount Kurama I suddenly felt a pleasant sensation in my heart. I took notice of it and then decided to dismiss the feeling and just relax and enjoy the drive. But the sensation just continued to stay with me and then it actually increased in intensity the closer we got to our destination. During those eight and a half kilometers I felt very emotional and almost cried twice for no reason.

This is when I began to ponder my purpose for going to the mountain. Was something going to happen here?

We arrived at Kurama and started to go up the mountain. Because of the sensations I had in the car previously, I was more energetically “on guard” instead of just being in “tourist mode”. Actually, it is impossible for me not to notice a greater shift in energy around me because I am so sensitive to energy. Sometimes I ask myself if this is a gift or a curse. Despite this, I always end up thinking it’s the first.

We continued up the mountain, visiting shrines, the Honden temple, and other monuments until we reached the peak of the mountain at the Kinone Michi, a unique sight of exposed intertwined roots of old cedar trees. I noticed that the energy felt higher here so I just stayed for a while and enjoyed the energy.

Naja at the Kinone Michi

I had really no intention of going any further. I just talked back and forth with my host Yoshiko and then it was like I heard this voice in my head saying, “You won’t let go that easy”. I had gone so far up the mountain already. Had I still not reached the point where I would find what I came for? What did I come for?

So, I decided to go 100 meters more to the place where Usui supposedly meditated for 21 days and received Reiki. With no real expectation of anything, I continued to walk and finally reached the place.

I was surprised. This little place had tremendous energy. So much stronger than anywhere else on the mountain, and actually of any place that I had ever been!

I just stood there in the middle of the place feeling the energy pour into my body. It began to instill its essence into my heart and I just enjoyed the silence and serenity.

The peak area of the Mountain and
the place where Usui supposedly meditated for 21 days.
Maybe you feel the energy from the picture? 🙂

After only about 10 minutes I said to my daughter that we could go on and that my purpose of this visit was done. I said these words without thinking about it but immediately felt the truth in it. She asked me what I meant by this. On the way down the mountain, I gave her explanations about energy, Reiki and Mikao Usui and how he supposedly received an energy transmission at that same place. I told her that it seemed that somehow daddy had received the same thing.

On the way down the mountain, my hands became burning hot and I was just buzzing with this loving energy.

Down the mountain

As we drove home I decided to interpret this as “just another experience,” and not put that much into it.

The next day I decided to do healing sessions for my hosts, Yoshiko and Daijiro, as I promised I would. I started the session as I usually do and suddenly, out of nowhere, the energy from yesterday just emanated in the room, like it was saying, “I am still here and I can be used for healing”, like a little reminder saying, “do you recall yesterday?”. We noticed this and continued with the session.

During the second session, there was some pain left in Yoshiko’s arm, which just wouldn’t go away and was very stubborn. I simply could not remove it with the method I normally use. Then, for fun, I suggested, “Ok, let’s try this energy from yesterday”. So, for the first time I actually consciously invoked the energy I received the day before.

Loving warm energy began to fill my heart and hands, and in only a few minutes the pain just melted away. The energy was clearly tangible and it worked!

It was first at that point that I began to take the experience really seriously. There was something here that I could not just ignore.

When I first came to Japan I had absolutely no intention of going to Kurama Mountain, only Kyoto City. I just somehow got there. I had no intention whatsoever to receive anything on Kurama Mountain that day, but it was just planted right there in my hands anyway.

More to come…

In love and gratitude

Ole Gabrielsen
12th December 2011

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