Calm down from stress in 2 minutes with your breathing

Here’s a simple, but very powerful exercise I use from time to time when life comes crashing down on me.

1. Start by taking 3 deep breaths – slowly.

2. Go back to normal breathing. Now simply observe your breathing. When you breathe in, mentally state “breathe in”. When you breathe out, mentally sate “breathe out”. Do this for 30-60 seconds.

That’s it!

You should feel calmer and more relaxed after this exercise.


• Rate your stress level from 0-10 before and after the exercise.

• If you are in a tough situation and find it hard to detach from it, try this: Imagine a little box in the corner of the room you are in. Tell yourself, that you will temporarily put any problems and worries into this box during the exercise. Then you will be able to pick it up again when you are done. This will relieve you temporarily from the issues you are facing and you will be more successful in performing the exercise.

5 thoughts on “Calm down from stress in 2 minutes with your breathing

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  2. Проделал упражнение по успокоению от стресса, помогло. – мир стал ярче, чётче, иллюзии пропали)) Безмерно благодарна! (Google translated: I did an exercise to calm against stress, it helped. – the world has become brighter, clearer, the illusions have disappeared)) Immensely grateful!)

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