Belgrade, busy is like a beehive

  • Belgrade is the capital of Serbia
  • Population: 1.23 Million
  • Currency: Dinars (100 dinars = $1)

Belgrade tram

Belgrade. My second home now for almost 2 years.

If you like a busy town, Belgrade is for you! With amazing cafes and restaurants, you will be sure to have a nice break, while exploring the city.

Cafe’s everywhere

Belgrade is a city in fast change. Just from the few years, I have been living here, I can see how rapidly it’s changing. New stores a popping up and a lot of new renovations in the city center is currently going on.

I recommend if you come here in a car to find a parking lot (if you can!) and explore the city on feet or in a cab!

For the last years, Belgrade has had an explosion of cars and currently, the city cannot handle that many cars. There are simply not enough parking spaces. That is why you often see what I call “creative parking”. This, of course, makes a good job for parking officers, which quickly grab the opportunity to issue a parking ticket.

“Creative parking”

When it comes to food, I am in awe! Serbia offers the best food ever! Even a simple Pizza. It has all the regular ingredients, but there’s “just something” that makes it taste so much better than anything else I have tried! I came down to the conclusion, that food in Serbia is “created with the soul”! I will have to write a separate post about this. 🙂

A simple brunch at one of my favorite cafe’s “Red Bread”, Dositejeva street.
Peaceful ambiance at the Dorćol neighbourhood

Belgrade took my heart, and I came to love this city. When you come here, just have an open heart and the city will greet you in return. ❤

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