Holy Water at Kalemegdan, Belgrade

One day I decided to visit Kalemegdan Park in Belgrade. I have easy access to Belgrade’s most important monument since I only live a few kilometers from it. It also contains the city’s largest park.

You can further find Ružica Church (Little Rose Church). This little church is famous for its holy water. Many claims that this water has healing properties! You can get as much as you want for a small donation.

Below are a few pictures from that day.

Is Kalemegdan worth the visit? It definitely is! In fact, I love to go there from time to time, just to enjoy the ambiance. The whole park and fortress span a staggering: 53 ha (130 acres)!!

There’s so much more to show from Kalemegdan and many more pictures to take! Maybe I will add another post in the future! ❤

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